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In 1995 a major tobacco company planned to boost cigarette sales by targeting homeless people. They called their plan "Project SCUM: Sub Culture Urban Marketing."

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Ron Lawner, Pete Favat, Alex Bogusky, John Kearse, Tom Adams
Copywriter: Marc Einhorn
Art Director: Mike Costello

July, 2006


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i gotta stop smokin, not coz of these ads though

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Tell me something I don't know about cigarette smoking. This campaign did just that. Great.

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What is the objective of these ads? Sue your tobacco company because there a bunch of idiots? Doesn't make me stop smoking. Nice layout though, interesting facts.

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The objective is to look at smoking from a larger point of view. The aim of the "truth" campaign is not to make you stop smoking but rather to put an evil face behind the whole tobacco marketing machinery so that public opinion will force policy makers and lawmakers to make it harder for tobacco companies to sell cigarettes, especially to the youth.

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