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Nice idea, bad copy in my opinion.

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The focus is on the visual rather than the copy, which was very direct an straight to the point.

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Ed Mintone
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The same technique, sure, but to a completely different end -- this is another one of those cases where it's not so much about originality as it is about execution. LF's examples may parallel these on the surface, but this series has the advantage of using the technique to make an emotional statement. It may be "ultra done", but it still works very, very well.

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only 1,000?
I would have thought it much higher to justify a campaign

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i was about to say... totally agree.

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totally agree...

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yeah... 1,000 woman out of 4 million... almost isn't worth a campaign... maybe a few flyers :)

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Is there some percentage-of-the-population tipping number that makes a campaign viable?

Last year, the number of folks living with HIV/AIDS represented an even smaller percentage of the US population than what's described here. By your thinking, all we really needed was a few post-it notes on telephone poles, and that should have taken care of the whole public awareness matter. But of course instead we got quite a few public service announcements in the various media, even some award-winning campaigns. I worked on one myself, for the State of New York, back in the late 70s when all of this was first kicking up.

I'm curious. What *does* it take for something like this to merit sufficient attention on your part to make it worth the creative and production effort that went into these ads -- and any collateral that accompanied it?

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good. very good. and whats more surprising is the fact, it is not a a third world country but switzerland... not easy to believe.. maniv.

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