Holiland Sugar-Free Cake: Sugar cubes, 1

Advertising Agency: W&K Advertising, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Li Chen
Art Directors: Ning Yang
Copywriters: Miao Qiu, Shen Li
Illustrator: Ning Yang
Published: April 2008


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242 pencils

Hah, devilishly cute. I like this series.

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purple tree
38 pencils

I LOVE THEM..... all of the them

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the last one is good, other two are too obvious

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I agree, I think that's the only one that seems to work somehow

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andré ™
144 pencils

Sugar Free Ads.

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Cute campaign.

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44 pencils

These are too much like Leo Burnett's "Crazy Good" Pop-Tart ads.

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the cake is eeeeevil...
like the series. more i look at it more i like it and makes me think whats the next situation the cake could think of to kill his "sugarbuddy".

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16 pencils

Cute... AD is a little off

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Pen, paper and a bit of fun. Why not? I like it.

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weak ad. cute poster

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