Holiday Conversation Starter: Karaoke

Remember last year when you sang karaoke at the holiday party?
So does everyone else.
Change the subject with Tierney's Holiday Conversation Starter App at

Advertising Agency: Tierney, Philadelphia, USA
Executive Creative Director: Patrick Hardy
Creative Director: Teri Gerbec
Creative Director / Copywriter: Andrew Cahill
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Keith Bowman

December 2010


AlfredoGil's picture
133 pencils

This is better executed than the previous ad, but still not compelling enough.

Tisha's picture
22 pencils

I cant believe there`s an app that helps people to start a conversation!!! I think this add is better than the other, but something is missing...

Chelsey Homan's picture
Chelsey Homan
90 pencils

the copy is better. At least the second line relates to the first. But still...

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