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design is like a puzzle... I`m just trying to solve it now

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Guest - is that your real name - or just s'thing u hide behind? Obviously, you have never been lucky enough to have communicated with an animal - any animal. Because if you had you wouldn't have had to copy oodles of text from some science website and paste it here to prove your point.

A'body who has eve5r been in close contact with animals would know that it isn't so easy to dismiss them as a lower form of intelligence. Unlike humans - who take and take and take - and give n'thing back to this planet - and who are steadily pushing this planetto extinction; they take no more than they need, they respect each other and never take more than they need. You have my sympathy and understanding - maybe if you had been held more often as a child - instead of being contemptuous of animals, you might have been able to appreciate the joy they add to life.

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