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hmmm. I like these. A LOT. Totally impressed they managed to do a tattoo campaign without obvious tattoo imagery. Brilliant.

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The las two I think are the clearest of the campaign, but the execution in this one could do a lot more

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Abra Cadabra

Personally, I think these suck. If i were into tattoos, these ads would do absolutely nothing to get me into the shop or to even think about going (unless i was planning on having realistic looking body parts tattooed on myself, which most people are not).

And, really, they're not that clever either.

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Nice ad bro. Hope it gets some awards.

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iklan yang keren petakumpet!!!!
maju terus agency lokal!!!

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huehuehue... keren pak arif...

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Mas Rokkin....
Mana fee buat gw....sampe masuk angin tauk

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Mas Rokkin....
Mana fee buat gw....sampe masuk angin tauk

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Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! kwmztctmjat

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Fun and clever, great execution, fine art direction...
¿What can I say?
Nice work guys, you´re doing great.

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i dont see how this is a tattoo campaign. im into tattoos and art and everything. i love these as art. not as a tattoo campaign. it wouldnt get any business from me or anyone i know. i might go to the shop but these ads wouldnt make me choose them necessarily. great as art. not as an ad. not for this. sorry. but good try i guess.

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