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oooeeh simple

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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oooeh not too great either

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doesn't this campaing diminishes history instead of embracing it? considering of-course that history in brief does not mean that history it's simple.

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I agree, actually.

They belittle events such as kennedy assassination and 9/11 a little by making it brief.

Its as if they said, 'and two planes flew into some buildings, lots of people died, er, flames, war etc. etc., anyway moving on.'

A bit shallow

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I disagree. the history, as people often study it, is a bunch of facts. I guess, HistoryFiles just delivers the highlights of every event.
and you, only pointing kennedy and the twin towers, are actually diminishing(?) the other historical events… where r u from? ;)

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No I wasn't diminishing the others, I just didn't know what they were (which I am guessing is why you wantto know where I am from)

Not that it is relevant in anyway, but I am from Scotland.

And as you say, 'delivers the highlights' of each event, it makes it sounds like a top ten; cheapens it.

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If an event was so big and so memorable that a few sqiggles on a piece of paper is recognized by everyone, doesn't that honour the moment? The 9-11 one did catch me off guard, but it evokes memories and the emotions that go with them. Isn't that what ads are supposed to do...? Serious question.

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In this business, the way you say something is as important as the message you trying to say.

The graphic solution for this pieces implies a disdain of childish proportions towards historical situations (that in fact triggered other historical situations).

This is contradictory to a product that is (apparently) supposed to cherish the heritage of history.... by guarding it.

History in brief, should be more about telling a long story in short (length) rather than not telling the hole story. and the simplicity of those lines implies precisely that.

In any case, History in brief is a ..... site? ....a book? .....a TV show? and is supposed to be good because.... doesn't bother in explaining who kennedy was or what he did?

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HIstory in brief okay - but these look like kids' drawings

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