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haha! what a great idea (the site)

i'm looking forward to see what this stunt REALLY is about.

any ideas anyone?

anyway, i will be there when they unveil the site's real purpose.

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Boony wants a beer
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Probably something less lateral than you'd the release of a new hair removal cream or some sort of hair shaver or groomer. Has certainly got me intrigued though.

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it was success ! because i really went to their website.
and was ..true

A brief history

First of all: Who are we? We're an established, international PR-agency located all over Europe, Asia and the U.S. Many of our clients are charity organisations or involved in charity in some way. If you can't change the world, change yourself and the world will follow, that's our motto. We have agreed to remain anonymous throughout this project, since some of our commercial clients disagree with the concept of selling pubes. And we respect their opinion. But enough about us.

In 2003 a young man from Sweden came to visit us in Los Angeles. He pitched us the wildest idea we had ever heard of. At the time, we all just laughed at him. The idea was so off the wall and far-fetched that it made riding a tricycle through the grand canyon seem like Childs play. Two years later, in 2005, the man contacted us again. This time, he wanted to show us a list of celebrities who had already expressed interest in his idea. We were blown away by the names on that list, and immediately contacted him for a collaboration. Today we are proud to present the result of this Swede's struggle and lifelong dream:
How does it work?

It's quite simple, really. As a result of a very successful direct campaign, celebrities from all over the world send us their pubes daily. We mount them, and offer them to you. All pubes are autographed by their donor. Needless to say, every piece is a unique work of art, A priceless collectible beyond anything ever seen or heard of before.
Why do we do it?

All profits go into selected charity organisations and become an important part of making the world a better place. In short: We turn Hair into Care. It sounds dumb, but it is smart.

jennywhx's picture
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simple, direct, and, effective.
but, what a weird campaign.

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i think the idea of pube-said is awesome.
much more interesting than the campaign.
briefs like this are a gift, and i think the campaign would have been a first thought cracked over a coffee in 5 minutes. ie. lazy.
in an aside, i watched the southpark episode last night where cartman brought the other kids pubes for $16.12. classic!

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Absolutely unique!

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instinctive tra...
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What an idea! Boy! It might jar some that it’s a charity thing. But boy… what an idea. If you’ve ever tried to collect money for a good cause, you’ll know what that means. S*** did I just get preachy here?

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Simply awesome!

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ha ha ha ha… its really something!

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haha! very smart!

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i really hope this is tied into banksy somehow!

addyhoch10's picture
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banksy? come on man!

then again...

the_ashlands's picture
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come on man, what?

this is sort of right up banksy's alley...only its not street art...but it seems pretty fake and prankish to me...its probably for something completely un-pube related.

not to mention banksy and paris already have a history....

addyhoch10's picture
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first i thought banksy might be through with paris for now.

i said "then again..." because this actually is somewhat similar to what the banksy dude(s) do(es).

and yes, it certainly is for something completely un-pube related, i'm sure about that.

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hmmmm....we should all try to figure this out before the ticker hits zero... is for an anti-celebrity something or other..and they're exploiting the publics demand for more and more rediculous celebrity gossip to such an extreme where they're seeing how many people want to buy paris hiltons asshairs?? but what is this anti-celeb organization?? maybe some off-line competitor for US magazine or any other of those mindless mags....

anybody else have any thoughts?

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