Hiltl Vegetarian Restaurant: Player, 2

There's a vegetarian in every football player.
Hiltl. The Vegetarian Caterer at Euro 2008.

Advertising Agency: Ruf Lanz
Creative Directors: Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz
Copywriter: Torsten Maas
Art Director: Marcel Schlaefle


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I think you have misunderstand here

there is no vegetarian here, they are just happy so they pray for Allah. THAT IS IT

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In islam everybody prays in the same direction (this is mecca) in this case they are not praying.

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wohoo! battle of the smartasses! Gooooooooooo Guests!!

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vegetarian caterer at the Euro 2008?? Now who has that tpe of client?
Let me guess, the creative found these pictures on Getty then came up with the idea that they look like they are eating grass then thought, lets see if there is a food stand that just sells vegetarian food at the Euro 2008.

Mate, hats off for fighting for this.

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you are right!

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Ivory Coast and Egypt are in Africa...

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This is complete rubbish!!!
The creative director who supervise on this should start eating grass!
It is lousy idea.

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it's a funny line for one ad, but for a whole campaign? c'mon guys, put the rubber stamp back in the drawer.

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a football player that fall to the court?
and the tag line is "There's a vegetarian in every football player".

what it mean?
suck idea!!

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thats make me sick i think you are right the creative director should have some grass

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Yasser Almisfer
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This is a stupid act and irresponsible from the responsible for design, The performance of worship can not be underestimated, And can not be used as expression of something else in this disgraceful way.

I call on preventing it from publishing.

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I realize I dont know a lot about Islam, but they're facing two different directions. Are you this is supposed to be worship?

I agree, this is a highly bizarre campaign.


No, I am not a media buyer.

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this is a way to thank Allah "the only GOD" to thank him for something, and they don't have to take the same direction in this case.

\\Graphic in every where.... look around you!\\

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Ah. Thank you. Well, yes, this certainly seals the deal of the offensiveness of the ad.

But given the business we work in, I suppose I shouldnt be too surprised. :)


No, I am not a media buyer.

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My first thought is this is clever and unexpected so its a winner. But my second thought is this is clearly an editorial image made during a sporting event. Does the agency/client have a release from these players? They are not super recognizable in the photo but I bet they'd recognize themselves which seems to be good enough for the courts. If they are praying I doubt they'd agree to an ad like this. At least here in the States you can't do anything commercial without everyone's permission.

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Bad, so bad work and no idea, these 3 guys are just showing they ass!

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plz, if u don't like it respect the religions ... thnx

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I don't like it – don't get the connection.

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SCAM. But bad scam.

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First the player from egypt not Euro 2008 and this is the way muslim thanks god not eating grass

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Aaqib Shah
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poor ad.

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Forget all the nonsense associated with the execution. Who's the audience and what are we selling?

This seems to lack an identity and an audience. Living in E. London I can tell you the football fanatics here are more concerned with the official pork pie than a caterer who specialises in hummous. Hopefully it's different where this ad is running, but it's still too facile to be good or memorable.

- The only thing rarer than a good ad is a good guest comment -

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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good idea but the visual is so so lousy....this is the picture about moslem pray and some of stupid people recognize as eat grass...how stupid

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My think is that most of these comments have translated been by Google translate. I understand not.

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I want to fuck all western people,in Europe and USA.

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cut the muslim cra* please. These are normal soccer players rolling around on the grass for some reason. And... if they were praying, weren't they supposed to be facing the same direction??? Great tagline:)

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well, i am Egyptian and a Muslim too. The players here are praying after scoring a goal.
yes, usually when praying the regular prayer, you face Mecca. But when you are in the stadium and you want to celebrate, you dont stop and ask about the direction. not very usualy to walk in the street at night knowing where the North is and where the south is. So, we can face any direction if it is "inconvenient" to seek for the direction.
but when talking about the regular prayer that is preformed 5 times a day, we MUST face Mecca.
i hope this is clear now.
This image is irresponsible. I believe the world needs some respect before people start talking about peace!

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Wow. Very good. Clever and creative.

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this players just praying .. so i think its v bad choice for this picture

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It seems a Muslin AD.

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Poor one and very offensive for Muslims.. stupid attitude!

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Osama Nofal
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What about making fun of a priest for example in a Muslim company’s campaign? What would you feel then? You humiliate a Muslim, an Arabian, an athlete and a liberated person in one shoot, you score a goal!! You know what… a Muslim would never do something like that

I suggest REMOVING this ad immediately

Trying a new habit

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Actually they r not praying..the pray in ISLAM is more respectable than just lean down ur head with ur knee and just pray where ever when ever.

... still it's a muslim LOYAL MANNER, they are go down this way to "THANK GOD" not to pray. (they r not animals looking for a grass to eat) may be the rest of football players do but not Muslims U MORONNNNN...

i know why the creative director not a vegetarian...coz he is always down his nose in garbage "PIGGY".

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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stupid ad!!

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very stupid idea

and what they do is called thnx god and not pray there are a big different between the prey and thnx god

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This is a great ad...for MTN! If you guys are going to attempt taking out logos in photoshop, please oh please don't get your interns to do it

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very bad thinking!!

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those guys dont appear to be eating, they are praying, facing the grass - so it appears.

curiosity is also the mother of invention. the Buk-of-Psalms.

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very offensive interpretation.

they are happy so they are praying to Allah by doing Sujood. Not eating grass
the mothers of: Ruf Lanz, Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz, Torsten Maas and Marcel Schlaefle might be cows and eat grass, but the guys in these ads.

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In Islam if you don't know exactly the direction of Mecca you are allowed to pray in any direction, and praying has many kinds not just the one you see in TVs, here it's just like a thankful bow to God, and it hasn't have to be in the direction of Mecca. Anyway SURE they are not eating grass.

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