Hiltl Vegetarian Restaurant: Lady

Our new vegetarian restaurant makes even meat enthusiasts curious.

Advertising Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Directors: Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz
Art Director: Lorenz Clormann
Copywriter: Nicole Glaus
Photographers: Stefan Minder, Felix Schregenberger


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These photos do not give me desire to go there to eat

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this is one is the best. she really looks like old miss piggy.

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I agree with Ling a little bit. But I am a vegetarian and it's always hard to find a good place to eat. They all offer the same thing, no meat. This place is great for all species though, herbivores and carnivores. The images are great and I love the fonts for the copy.

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echo for
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I can not get his meaning.
maybe a dish of fresh vegetables simply can attract me simply.

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correct me if i'm wrong....

i think something wrong tith the setup.... looking at all the visual...
they purposely make all the noses look like a "pig" to resemble "meat"...
so meaning they are the "meat enthusiasts".....
sorry.. is pig a "meat-itarian" or carnivores???

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Actually yea, Pigs eat anything. But i think thats not the point here. They have shown pork lovers.

Qbird's picture
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sorry but i think.. pigs eat anything because we feed them everything....
wild boar is consider a pig.. that we dun rare... they are not meat eaters right???

Tinglow's picture
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Not the pig, birdie.

The twose nose + Man = A pork lover.
I don't quite like the equation. But that is what they're trying to say.

Qbird's picture
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yeah tinglow... =)
do you know wats the problem with the creatives nowadays??
they assume their reader to be "smart" enough to understand their creative concept..
thats is the reason why there are so many crapz...
as the matter of fact, we should take them as "stupid".. and our visual/message should be as simple as possible... remember SMP???
when i look at the visual..i take it as i'm stupid... it says MEAT EATER...
pork lover??? what if i'm a Muslim?? or.. a beef or chicken lover?? it doesn't work that way right???

Tinglow's picture
614 pencils

I perfectly agree. It is a stupid ad. But after a lot of mathematics, lolz, that is what the guy is trying to say.

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yuck....very ugly..doesnt exactly make me feel good bout an eating place...

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An example of the campaign linked after this one... jajaja http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/the_martin_agency_road


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Done in Belgium and elsewhere...
coloribus.com or joelapompe.net

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So, meat eaters are all pigs? You just lost my goodwill.

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agree. its offencing.

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agree a little, but in the other hand the target is vegetarian people... they really don't care if meat lovers (like me!!) feel offended.

i agree with the comments about pigs being carnivore, it makes me say the campaign is a little forced. i don't like it very much (and it certainly doesn't make me want to eat there but hey, i'm a meat lover).

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If you like pig meat, you look like a pig? And I agree with qbird... pigs are no carnivores by nature... So no matter how you look at this campaign... it's difficult to find an eplanation that makes sense...

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What's happening these days??? Adsoftheworld is full of copycats, rips off and déjà-vu...
That's too much work for me, I need vacations. :-))

http://www.joelapompe.net / Facebook : Joelapompe

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this looks like an ambiquity...I think the overall concept is pretty clear though. I like it.

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miss the point

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i don't think the ads intend to be offensive at all, they are just a new approach on the old "you are what you eat" saying.
the pig faces against the glass are just a way to say these people eat pork, that's all, there's no judgement there.
would've been cool if they had found a way to portray other animals too.

hawkline's picture
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I think you're all over-thinking this....

My only comment would be if there was more variety. Why repeat the same thing over and over?

jamesrothenburg's picture
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I agree completely. They could have just shot the one execution and had the same effect. A more interesting direction would have been to find a few different ways to demonstrate people looking like pigs. someone with a curly tail? etc. Also, that headline feels really clunky... but maybe that's just me.

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A lot of thinking for an ad that just want to say that we, the people who eat meat, symbolized by a pig, now can enjoy the pleasures of vegetarian food. Now, repeat 3 times the same thing it is a lame. Maybe they could find a way to represent us, meat eaters, like cows, chickens, etc. and not just like a pig.

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to me it says meat eaters are pigs. Being a meat eater, I'm not likely to go to this restaurant based on this ad.

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