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zarski, I'm not trying to be argumentative but most of the time I see your posts on this site and they either say "DONE" or some other insult of the work. Do you like any of the work on this site? I'm just curious what you think is really great work.

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there is a lot of good and bad works on the site, but if some work is done. then is done and you can't evaluate as good, as you are contributing to do more copies instead of improve the level. The problem is that copies are more noticeable, due you already see somewhere. the others/rest are always good.

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zarski, I'm going to agree with kcd0226 on this one. Been a long long time I saw any positive comment from you. You seldom praise or encourage the good ones, but you're almost always the first to identify the bad.

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But we r here to judge the work not people. Keep going Zarski.

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i absolutely agree with zarski. sometimes i got the feeling i should appreciate more works, BUT if most of the stuff here is either done or simply bad why should anyone give more compliments than appropriate? especially when you got A LOT of people out there whose only comments are "great work", "love it" or "nice". nobody learns from that ones. if you do bullshit and take it personal if someone says it, you should do the bullshit hidden in your basement (i have nobody in mind with that)

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