Highway 6: Hiking, 2

Cross Israel Highway 6
Less driving. More hiking.

Advertising agency: ACW Grey, Israel
Chief of creative: Tal Riven
Creative manager: Moti Rubinstein
Copywriter: Shay Chikotay
Art Director: Omer Prizant
Account manager: Shay Sharbaf
Supervisor: Noa Izkovich
Account executive: Anat Leventon
Photographer: Guli Cohen


kleenex's picture
34570 pencils

Not special at all.

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Couldn't get it.

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too cluttered..

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Nike Diesel
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Agree with comments above.
Here's one that's pretty much the same, but simpler and a bit more awesome : http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/hsbc_phone_banking

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Klara K.
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This is hardly an ad.

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