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What does ETHNO mean?

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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I must admit that I also hate it when rock concerts turn into an ethno one. Ruins all the fun.

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nice gaijin
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tag needs to be rethought, something like "don't let bad equipment do this to your favorite music." I like the art, but I don't care for the faux folded poster marks.

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does a bad hi-fi equipment turns a guitar sound into banjo sound? or ukulele sound? well, unfortunately for this team it doesn't...
besides, playing the instrument pictured here requires much better sound system to get the full quality than for an elctric guitar.

team should really do some poor quality system before doing the ads.

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keep going!

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I think this is lost in translation. And you should fire your translator- "Hi Fi Equipments"?

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