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Yes it is a sad statistic *ricklongo*, but its also a sad fact. However; on another note, its unfortunate how some people view or even analize ads. The failure in actually looking on whats behind the ad (not disregarding the "Sad Statistic"), i would personally conclude that the private sector in the arab world is atually staring to get involved in providing some sort of public safety awareness - (and this does not usually happen in the arab world).

From a legal point of view concerning both KNOCKIA & MOTOR ROLLER ads, i do not see (in my opinion) why anyone should be held liable. The actual spelling and logos of NOKIA and MOTOROLA were not visible in neither ads. There is obviously no misrepresentation as the message has nothing to do with the brand name, but rather on people actually using their cell phones while they're driving which causes the "Sad Statistic".

I personally believe that the giants Nokia and Motorola should be laughing at this! (Complimentary Product Awareness by Hertz)