Herringbone: Measurements

Advertising Agency: M&C SAATCHI, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Creative Directors: Oliver Devaris
Copywriter: Oliver Devaris
Art Director: Graham Johnson
Photographer: James Cant
Typographers: Graham Johnson, Justin Marando
Retouching: Rozanna Kulik

June 2008


Kimber's picture
12 pencils

That is just bizarre

Herradura's picture
19 pencils

It's a shame poor Henri seemingly can't afford to make himself a shirt that fits.

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Paul Eveleigh
111 pencils

Using a deformed tailor to show fine motor skills doesn't instil confidence in Herringbone products.

Sadly, the copy also fails to inspire enthusiasm.

Also the second and third paragraphs don't flow. For example, starting the third paragraph with the incomplete sentence, "Unlike the rest of your wardrobe". This incomplete sentence looks like an orphan that belongs to the previous paragraph.

Hessian is a fabric and not a proper noun. So you don't need to capitalise it.

And your mixed tenses in the fifth paragraph also jar.

StuartLittle's picture
468 pencils

Don't like the whole campaign. Everything looks fake.

Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

Perhaps tonight Henri, you can do the carving...

alenq's picture
109 pencils

personally i find it a bit insulting toward crippled people

peak900's picture
211 pencils

sick. it looks like he had to tailor his clothes first.

ricklongo's picture
1244 pencils

Worst Cannes-winning print ad this year. By a long shot.

rover's picture
77 pencils

Great writing.

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Absolut M
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Pirate Pete's picture
Pirate Pete
18 pencils

I'm just amazed at the opinions thrown about here as if they were law. I'd hate to have you guys as my bosses cos nothing good would ever get approved. Someone who smells like a Pom seems to go on about the rules of writing when he forgets that there've been plenty of writers who scorned them. Remember e. e. cummings? Remember O. Henry (who never gave the absence of verbs in a sentence a second thought)?

What is it with you guys? Advertising was never meant to be a follower of dogma. We're the guys who break the rules, remember? All I see here is a bunch of whiners who don't seem to know their arses from their elbows. Kudos to the Herringbone stuff, I say. Congrats to the jury at Cannes for recognising that long-copy can be just as arresting and involving as the new-fangled visual-led stuff.

Hope you guys don't become jury ever.

"Consensus is average."

Paul Eveleigh's picture
Paul Eveleigh
111 pencils

You've got to know the rules before you break them.

Sure, nothing is immutable when it comes to grammar. But the writer always keeps the reader in mind. for example, by using verbs and punctuation as signposts to guide the reader.

The Herringbone copy is so badly written that it will damage the brand. It certainly doesn't enhance it.

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The copy's fine. Try reading it aloud to one of you're friends. See if they look confused. I bet you they don't. They may even find some of it very funny. Here. I found a link, just for you:


I've heard that treatment is available, and can produce some good outcomes. I wonder if you'll have a problem with my use of a comma before an and. Incidentally, shouldn't you really try to use a capital letter at the start of each new sentence?

Paul Eveleigh's picture
Paul Eveleigh
111 pencils

Keep taking the tablets and you'll be fine.

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really nice art...with a good vintage feel

1838 pencils

Well art directed, weird, I don't think it work well for the company as an ad but it amused me for a while.

We're going to need more lube.

quinton_sential's picture
64 pencils

Great art direction, great writing, great ad. Silver Lion winner.

If you won a gold this year then feel free to criticise it.

1838 pencils

I won fuck all this year, but feel free as a bird to criticise it...

We're going to need more lube.

Pirate Pete's picture
Pirate Pete
18 pencils

Thank you Mssrs. Gross and Sential. Much appreciated.

"Consensus is average."

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