Herringbone: Bulgarian

Advertising Agency: M&C SAATCHI, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Creative Directors: Oliver Devaris
Copywriter: Oliver Devaris
Art Director: Graham Johnson
Photographer: James Cant
Typographers: Graham Johnson, Justin Marando
Retouching: Rozanna Kulik


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leaking bucket.
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This is OLD. I saw the TV spot many years ago.

I quite liked them back then. Not sure about now - probably because I know they were done so long ago.

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Paul Eveleigh
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Looks like a David Ogilvy ad. Alas, the similarities end there.

David Ogilvy wouldn't offend Bulgarians. And he'd never turn handmade into "Hand made".

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david ogilvy is dead. he doesn't care.

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I was looking for a message regarding child labour in the fashion industry. This is just self indulgent, tedious and offensive to Bulgarians.

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Alistair C.
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and it won a lion this year...

but hey, if they still give awards to ads with che, hitler & co., they can give to anything.

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Pirate Pete
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I could be wrong, but it seems like someone here is of the opinion that an ad with che or hitler shouldn't be awarded a lion. And by the look of it, they're painting che and adolf with the same brush. If you look at the way those ads are done, you'd appreciate that it's almost biographical in nature and only the most relevant parts are highlighted, Since it's an ad for a highlighter, i think that's a pretty cool way to do it.

I can understand that not everything that wins at Cannes deserves it. However shit-canning really good work isn't fair either. Why don't you upload what you reckon what should have won dear jury? In fact, Ivan, why don't we have a vote (annually, weekly, monthly, whatever) to see what our members think about the work that's posted? Why not compare that list with next year's Cannes winners?

Maybe then we'll see whether these comments belong to the really creative guys or the most vile closet planners.

"Consensus is average."

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Paul Eveleigh
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A badly written ad wins Cannes.

Cannes is a waste of time. It's simply an indulgence for those who believe they are creative and their darling little ads should be recognised by their peers.

Ho hum. Howard Gossage was right: advertising is a waste of time. And Pirate Pete's petulant outburst confirms it.

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Pirate Pete
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Let us all bow to Mr Eveleigh. He truly is the enlightened one. Indeed he has grasped the core of copywriting. Show us the folly of our ways Mr Eveleigh. Shower us with your wisdom. You have risen above petty awards like lions and pencils. But here please permit an indiscretion. If you aren't concerned with Cannes (for it truly is a waste of time), why are you following it? Why do you even know that this ad won?

Have I angered the god of writing? Will I incur his wrath? Oh, woe is me.

"Consensus is average."

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Paul Eveleigh
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Most ads are wallpaper. They say nothing new. In fact there's nothing to differentiate one product from another. Except the febrile imagination of an ad agency desperate to maintain billings.

Now and then a new product offers consumers a new benefit.

Now and then an agency highlights that benefit in an ad.

Sadly, there's a paucity of such ads at Cannes.

Such is life.

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For companies with such pretentions, it is not honorrable to accept such offensive advertisment.
It is even less honorrable for the jury to encurrage such "creative" advertisments.

For the sake of trouth, the supposed Bulgarians are English miners during the strikes in 1831.

In Bulgarian museums one can find exceptional pieces of handmade clothing dated in period when Australians ware known as bushman or ware even missing from the map.

For the sake of trouth again, I have never seen a french guy with such rachitic hands...not even Somalians.

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I will put this on a trial !!!! This is vilification against Bulgaria & Bulgarian people !!! i've Never been more disappointed of this little bushmans in my life ... how could u ... !!!?!?

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Well, sorry, but this ad is absurd. None of the photos could possibly be realistic. It shows ignorance of the bulgarian society , culture, traditions etc. It is rude and malevolent. I believe this agency doesn't deserve respect. A modern society should not tolerate such kind of offence against any nation.
Really, this is madnezzz

p.s. proud to be bulgarian!

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Those damn bushmen don't know a think about our culture!!!
I'm really amazed what a braveness to offense us so flat!!!

Someone has to do something! At least to take back the lion they took! :(

P.S. Proud to be Bulgarian, too! :)

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OK, lets inspect the Ad:

1. the "Bulgarians" in the ad, look more like english miners, a bulgarian would NEVER in his life wear shorts and a hat!

2. The French buildings, I guess france was built on cheap foreign labour even after the revolution, thank god for immigration, and illegal child labour! Thank you north Africa!

3. the needle comparison.... why is he holding a needle big enough to sew up a camel, for a BUTTON?

4. If he grew a beard... would he be just another carnival attraction? See the man with a beard, longer than his fingers!

If Bulgarians were to make an ad, like that would it not sound like this:

We are bulgarians, proud nation of over 1300 years! We make very good wine, inexpensive, good for drinking with food, easy going, fresh and natural. But the french also make wine, just look at it, it was stomped down, by whom? Well by who else, cheap foreign labour, so why take the risk, of drinking expensive french wine full of foreign worker foot fungi, when you could be drinking in these dire times, good wine that is natural wine, free of fungi, that comes from VimProm, Bulgaria! Enjoy your french butter too! ;)


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Well, mates, when exactly did you get out of the bush and started that shirt business? Nah, don't tell me, I think I know the answer to that question.
But anyway, you couldn't be further from the truth, your commercial is lame and stupid, not funny at all. And one should wonder how big are the fingers of those children in the stinking sweat shops in India and China who actually sew your shirts.
I had some respect for aUSTRALIANS before I saw that commercial, not any more...

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