September 2011
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Advertising Agency: BangkokShowcase, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Chokchai Tupanyakanok
Art Directors: Phutsadi Yuwapattanawong, Chaitat Sookate
Copywriter: Chokchai Tupanyakanok
Production House / Retouch: Baanpraneat
Photographer: Sunhouse Studio
Computer Artist: Pattarasak Sitthisroung

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We can examine this campaign, praise or bash the creative all day. Heck, if I really want to get technical, I could say time doesn't exist. Things decay depending on what there made of, not time. Time is human construct. Now, does the ad SELL? Did it work in that market? That's what's important. I think the execution is good. Not crazy about the visual of a disproportionately small bag jamming a juicy time piece, but I get it. By the way, a bag will only accelerate decay of fruits and vegetables...

I think, therefore... yeah.


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