Herbert Utz Verlag: Short story, 2

The woman, the bath tub and the hair dryer
By Roger Dillinger
We are looking for the best short story. www.shortstory-comptetition.de

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Wolf Heumann
Creative Director: Ove Gley
Copywriter: Henning Patzner
Art Director: Matthias Schoelzig
Photographer: Jan Steinhilber

March 2007


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Hamburg in English?

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English is the global languange since the WWII if you don't you know.

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"if you dont you know" Mmmmm

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Forgive me father for i have sinned.

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Corona Raymaker
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...But with your help, I know, the devil won't win.

Ah, JvM again...
Yeah well, still one of the worst agencies in the world.

And this one in particular. First I thought it was supposed to be an ad for cars that's just trying to be alternative by not showing cars.

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come on guys, agencies translate their non english ads for the juries.
how many jung von matt ads does it take to get it hammered in your heads?

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Tell this for Mr. Wise guy above.

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do most writers still use an archaic typewriter? i'm not convinced. however, i know it makes for a nicer image from an art direction point of view.

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Oh, please... what were you expecting? An iMac monitor screen???

Beautiful visuals, mate.


Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

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I use an 'archaic' typewriter or a pen and pad for all my writing that isn't work. I know a lot of authors that do that. It feels like art.

It also gets the idea across much better than a computer screen ever could.

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there is a delightful layer that is added when you use a typewriter, a more tactile relationship with the words. you have to be more patient and attentive to what you are putting down. i know writers, novelists, who will only work on a typewriter. not for fear of technology, but for love of the attention you have to pay to your words. there is no delete button.

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absolutely great stuff

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Very nice! Both art direction and idea

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iam by Atilla :) short story it is :)

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Brilliant. Way to let the headline's run the show on these.

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good works.
but all of the short stories are about death.
i wonder why.

"simple is the best."

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Short and snappy tales of death.

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