Herbert Richers dubbing services: Western

Out of sync dubbing. It can change the story.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil
Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara
Art Director: Marcelo Torma
Copywriter: Marcelo Sato


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Wow. this is could have been funny stuff, but not even one is. pity

strange message, too. "it can change the story" - so? what now?

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What now? Do you really want ANOTHER argument to trust this dubbing company? The message is perfectly clear: other dubbing companies are more likely to make mistakes and ruin a plot of a movie.

I think this is a superb campaign.

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Ohhh... I like it!

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Love this campaign. Funny & clever,

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WOWesome campaign!

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This is really awesome. Loved the art direction. Very clever.

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Really brilliant!

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Really like the art direction on the whole set, but on this one and really only on this one do I hate the copy. The story doesn't really make sense or even seem that interesting even if it was properly dubbed. The girl fight one had the same problem, but then I suppose these are translations so good work.

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To me, these would work better on telly.

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