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Activity Score 162

ditto with catching some "z's" on this one...

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Activity Score 1592

Weeeeeeee! Boring.

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Activity Score 168


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Activity Score 180

visual is interesting but ad is not that appealing i would say.

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Activity Score 989

ivan, this is an old campaign, right?
i think they're stunning.
beautiful work.
take the copy and logo off and they'd make some nice wall posters.
right next to my nude pix of brads mum.

ivan's picture

Relatively old, less than a year.

I snowboard and I find this campaign cool.

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Activity Score 58

I love the visuals =)

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Activity Score 9

I love the visuals

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Activity Score 1047

While they're not quite as good as the Nike snowboarding ones, they're undeniably beautiful, brilliant. How can (some) people call this campaign boring? The work you're producing must be pretty ground-breaking....

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Activity Score 1262

I'm certainly not working on anything groundbreaking and these ads, while I suppose they look kinda cool, do absolutely nothing for me.

I'm with 'aj' on this one - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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Activity Score 162

ditto with catching some "z's" on this one...

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Activity Score 316

For some constructive criticism, I think the signature should be the swishes behind the snow boarder and leave out the "signature:-------" line.

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I am a pro snowboarder and also working in the creative field and although this campaign might be seen as "beautiful" (it is- i think) it´s failed horribly. Things have actually gotten worse but basically ever since nike acg ran snowboard specific advertisment, the opinion-leading core of snowboarding have laughed at the campaigns. They are made from art directors for art directors in a "fuck the client´s ambitions" sort of way. They have nothing to do with what snowboarding enthusiasts are appealed by.