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I think what it's trying to shoe is.... kitty (can)knock over the vase and use the super glue to put it back together?

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I meant to say "show" not shoe.

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unless you mean 'shoe horned' in, because understanding this is a tight squeeze


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Frane Rectal

if you work in advertising you'll get this in less than a second. the "broken vase" idea has been done so many times before in many different ways.
this is a more subtle way of showing this, maybe too subtle for those who don't work in advertising.

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well so explain the idea then ! I work in advertising, and the only thing I got from this ad is that the cat might break the vase and therfore you might need superglue to glue it back. And if that is the message , this must be by far the most shallow ad i've seen for a long time.
But there must be more to this ad than that, because you say it subtle, and subtility does not mean simplistic. This is simplistic for me.

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Frane Rectal

you got it, stigset. clap clap.
it is a shallow ad, even though maybe not "by far the most shallow ad i've seen for a long time".
the visualization of the message is subtle compared to other "glue broken things" ads since there are only the silhouettes of a cat and a vase and the viewer has to complete the story.
if you flipped through ad mags from time to time you'd know what i mean. and you'd find even more shallow ads than this one.

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Sorry. Can´t find an idea here.

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Glue the cat!

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nice try!... next.

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Super glue

Not a brilliant ad, but I don't think it takes a genius to know that you dont superglue a cat. Come on people.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Wowy! create of the art directions can be of highest order.

The pussy can get sticky and breaking vases easly.

I dream to making love to this advertising

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Tero Ylitalo
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Agree w/ Rog.

"Pastes like shit."

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Trying to prevent the vase fragile by using this super glue to glue the vase?
Quite hard to get the correct way…tricky
The whole idea are not strong enough.

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Both Sides of t...
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Okay, after having my brains plastered all over the place with this piece, I need glue to put it all together.

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glue the cat then

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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Mouse with a smirk, holding the glue tube in one hand and a piece of cheese in other, near cat stuck to the ground? (a la, Tom & Jerry) ?

~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Is there a story here?? I mean.. what has a cat and vase got to do with Super glue?? And why is the cat in a shadow?? And why is the Vase colored white? And why is there no body-copy? Why? Why? Why?

I think the guys who made this took 'subtle advertising' way too seriously!!

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The grhapic its so bored, the idea its hard and forced


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HaHa i guess it's true that designers think too much into something so simple,
i guess the ad just simply states that ----- the vase will break the cat into pieces, so use super glue to get the cat into one piece ... that's why the cat is in shadows

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This ad may be a good one but only designers can understand what idea is. :) It will be difficult to understand the ides for people who does not work in ad.

First Cut Is The Deepest...

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my gosh worst colors to impress!!
to see the same idea on a better work : http://www.ddb.com.tr/isler.aspx?clientId=2&projectId=10&mediumId=1&wo... (DDB TURKEY)

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Hard to believe not a single person got this simple concept. Cats jump around and break things. This is about the vase not breaking. NOT about fixing the broken vase. That's just boring. In this ad, the vase has been glued to whatever it stands on, so now the cat cannot tip it over and break it.

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Okay at first I was afraid I would be call dumb for not seeing this, but screw it. I have to know. WHERE IS THE FERAKING VASE EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT.

All I see is a very light silhouette of a cat and glue at the corner.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Frane Rectal

you'd better fix your screen.
or your eyes.
or stop sniffing glue.
or all of the above.

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That's interesting. No thanks to the guy who tried his best to be funny but just ended up sounding arrogance, desperate, and stupid; the picture comes up differently and i can see the vase now.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Frane Rectal

Actually, I was trying my best to sound arrogant.
Now tell me: Was it your screen? Or the glue? Eh?

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Claudio Magrini

Ta genial el laburo, simple y divertido!!!

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