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Paulo Carvalho

That's very very cool! I've also seen the Last Supper bastardized, but without anybody for a demoniac temptation it's simply a great idea.

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pls stop pepl its SCARYYYYYYYYY.... 0.01/10

- kk

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andrej dwin
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it's one of those rare ads using the last supper in an interesting and fitting way.
I like it.
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Agree. It's the most relevant use of the last supper I've ever seen.

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rox, you have to know a littlebit of art ;)

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You can even see the clone stamp. Art could be better.

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Like dining in hell is'n it? lol Cool....

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During Mardi Gras 7 years ago, a bible thumper accosted my hedonistic behavior. Having just moterboated a pair of lovely double D's, I responded, "If this is hell, send me there." Not five minutes later, for a non motorboating related offense, I was arrested. Sent to enjoy the rest of the night in the 4th ward parish lock down, not the most accepting place for an uber cracker like me. After being stripped, spat upon, chained to a large man, and paraded four blocks to the court house, I promised myself not to tempt the lord's wrath unless it's really worth it. This ad isn't. Watch out for lightening.

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Great ad!

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Algareto, you're correct, the cloning is horrific. As for the ad, I'm tired of seeing the Last Supper bastardized.


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Nice ad, very good idea.

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Great idea... Great art direction...

Frank H. Ordoñez Gomez
Art Director / Factoria de Ideas
Dominican Republic

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Guest commenter

frank te la comiste men.

muy apero

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Paulo Carvalho

That's very very cool! I've also seen the Last Supper bastardized, but without anybody for a demoniac temptation it's simply a great idea.

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Ohhhh sure great ad, I just hope whoever did it likes hell };)

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JRZ's not even well made.....w/e

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Capaz que judas podría haberse quedado
Maybe Judas could have stayed

adit a.k.a visualbandit's picture
adit a.k.a visu...

good...concept....use the past
what do u think about evil's restaurant not hell?
but..sure simple ad and brilian there...

Guest's picture

1.: does it look interesting?
2.: is this a strong concept?
3.: what happened to the rats?

oh, and
4.: visualbandit, shut up you boob. and dance. *bang*bang*bang yeeeeehaw!

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Nice !

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i guess its all started when people start reading
Davinci CODE... and this is the EFFECT to create there own controversy..

so about this add for me its Good & Bad prevail

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Can I see a menu?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Bread and wine.. a lot of wine i think lol xD
Anyway, a good ad to me..

No hay tiempo to lose!

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Great! Can I pay in pieces of silver? :D

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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yeah u can pay in silver Judas....
stop using the last super concept and ruining's a very bad concept and idea.......think outside the box for once...

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I dont like it. Hos it´s is the follow up?

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il nekro
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It´s great. go fuck yourselves, geniouses.