Hellmann's Ketchup: Crocodile

Food tastes better with Hellmann's Ketchup

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Santiago, Chile
Chief Creative Officer: Cesar Agost Carreno
Creative Directors: Nicolas Nuemann, Felipe Manalich
Art Directors: Gonzalo Navarro, Alejandro Caputo, Jaime Gonzalez
Copywriter: Nicolas Neumann, Felipe Manalich
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca
Account Manager: Loreto Correa
Account Supervisor: Eric Krohn


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Ripped off. Done at Portfolio Center and Creative Circus in mid 90s and possibly on the creative's online portfolio. He used the same type of illustration, too. You guys suck. Karma will get you, though.

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Find it and show us all!!!

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Yes. I have loads of time to kill just making up stuff about ripped-off ads. And, even though I don't know you, I want to humiliate you for no good reason. And, yes, I have even more free time to prove to someone that couldn't possibly imagine that their idea was done before or that they possibly ripped it off.

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Done or not, this visual is funny...



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Where's your online portfolio? Do you mind if I rip off off the funny stuff?

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Here's the ad from Portfolio Center that "may" have influenced the Hellmann's ad. The execution is much better in the crocodile ad, though.


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Here's a snapshot of both the Hellmann's ads and the Edy's ads side by side. Have to say, there are some strikingly similar visual elements:

Ads 1: Fat guy/Skinny guy, desert, pith helmets.

Ads 2: Bear shadow with claws extended exactly the same way.

Ads 3 Large water born predator moving in for a kill.

Any one of these ads having similarities is one thing. But all three ads having so many corresponding elements.....hmmm.....

What a coincidence....

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^_^ Cool!

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