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My favorite of the campaign. I would love to have this in my book.

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Gotta love the artwork. I'd have thought of 'inspiration' rather than talent. Cool campaign, these work better than the musical notes at home. I would love to see them hanging at giant size outside the concert house. Well done!

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it's about a special young talents season, therefore 'talent' is the proper term.
great ads.
the violin has always been said to be a devilish instrument, nice detail.

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Very beatiful.

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Martin Bernart
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its not the same De ja vu !! Its totaly diferent execution and also in the other ad there are no mics floathing in the sky. Its like you saying using wire is forbiden from now on .Its with diferent purpose

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@ Martin Bernart

I agree with Corbeen.

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Excellent visual treatment for the entire campaign. Copy strings to the art rather well! Good work!

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my favourite! makes me jealous ;)

Would like to see it on XXL