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A.G. Pennypacker
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ohhh my god !! bad, very bad

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m í t i c o
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Una idea bien simple (tradicional dría yo), la diferencia la hace su ejecución.
Muy Buenas Ilustraciones !!


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Lo malo de usar estas caricaturas es que da la apariencia y se siente que el recurso está muy usado.


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Lame ass! So what's Sylvester used all his Ketchup on? Lubricating his fuckin ass!

I don't know who's worst? The Egyptians for submitting such rubbish ads to this site or the administrator putting them on this site! If this ad was put on this site to laugh out loud about how bad Egyptian advertising is, then my God it certainly has worked!

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yo quiero esta adv porque me gusta mucho el gato. Es guapissimissimo!!

Tweety sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hasta Silvestro siempre!!!!!!

nosotros se lucha con el corazon espinado.

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