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Looks like he smiling still, maybe he doesn't need to eat. he's just happy that he finally caught the road runner, after all that's his life purpose... Gimp campaign anyway...

He who dominates often has no real friends...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Beep, Beep


Una idea bien simple (tradicional dría yo), la diferencia la hace su ejecución.
Muy Buenas Ilustraciones !!


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This campaign is so bored.

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Lame ass! So what's Wylie Coyote used all his Ketchup on? Lubricating his fuckin ass!

I don't know who's worst? The Egyptians for submitting such rubbish ads to this site or the administrator putting them on this site! If this ad was put on this site to laugh out loud about how bad Egyptian advertising is, then my God it certainly has worked!

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mmmm... this is closer, but still it´s boring

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that is nasty

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