Heinz: Pizza

Helping egyptian fast-food restaurants stay in business since 1992

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Directors: Mohamed Hamdalla, Hesham Ellaban
Art Directors: Tameem Youness, Yahya Esmaele, Mohamed Fouad, Magd El Sherif
Photographer: Hussein Shaban
Illustrators: Ahmed Hefnawy

December, 2009


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bad art.
not a good strategy

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It is meant to be bad: When you live that particular food experience, you could understand this great strategy.

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What? We could talk about the strategy and, in my opinion, is not bad at all... but art direction is awesome!

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The bad art is the whole idea. It's very funny.

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J Designer
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Ew thats pizza??? i would cover that in Ketchup too if i had to eat that. lol very funny. i love the font used in this one.

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me gusta

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The Lion
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Something similar won 2 years ago. Still good work.

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This is the same ad, Ivan has just posted it though. I for one never understood it so I am glad to see it posted here to know what others feel about it.

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I agree with bad strategy.
Heinz reminds me to vomit with this pizza.

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I like the strategy... The art is so obvious to be meant bad. I'm shocked that nobody said "get a translator" yet. I like the irony in this one.

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I think, if they are helping egyptian fast-food restaurants stay in business since 1992. So, it just almost 18 years. It would be better if they are helping longer than this. something like more than 50 years or 100 years. Then, it would be a strong number to advertise.

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THESE won gold in cannes this year.

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Brilliant. I agree with koorapon. More years would be funnier, but it doesn't lose much, if anything, for the cool little quirks, particularly because the realism is so funny, those photos are completely authentic. Stuff like this totally reminds me of Borat. That food, I can hear weird music playing in the background, the smell of camel shit as you're about to tuck into your "pizza," HA! Right down to the logo being stick-on style. The Heinz Commission travelling abroad: "slap one on it boys; it's another shit-hole we saved."

I think they should make it an ambient campaign. Lol.

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good work Egypt

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I love this type of art work. These stand out for me.

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like this one

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When you see this kind of ads, it is possible to refrain from eating at least 6 months

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well said


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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