Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

Why would anyone want to eat a plate of mayonnaise or a plate of spagetti with mayonnaise for that matter. The two don't match creating a conflict which doesn't make the product appealing at all.

Pacific Blue's picture
Pacific Blue
335 pencils

For God Sake, they are Belgium!!!!!
They puy mayonaise ON EVERYTHING, from fries to muzzle.
And the best beer of the world!!!!

The idea is so simpe than it really works.
I miss the knive, and probably would take off the glass from the picture.

Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

You haven't convinced me, sorry.

Yokel's picture
604 pencils

It's true! (Belgians are weird in their culinaryness).

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
10681 pencils

Brussels sprouts. Case closed.

Chris's picture
1987 pencils

The best beer in the world is from bavaria.

velle's picture
1550 pencils

omg, those belgians.

also, thats not a plate of spaghetti. look again.

Phony Ads's picture
Phony Ads
149 pencils


Willey's picture
140 pencils

What am i supposed to be eating here? "camouflaged" mayonnaise or spagetti?

Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

Waiter, give me a steak and an ashtray. Oh and a tub of margarine with a spoon.

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

it make me want to buy it to try whether i can make a plate of spaghetti like this, but not to eat it. haha.

twelve_noon's picture
617 pencils

this is clever and communicates the benefit of the squeeze bottle... simple, clear, gets to the point... and of course it doesn't say 'goes with spaghetti' just that the meyo will look like it..

axelk's picture
286 pencils

true twelve_noon. it just communicates the advantages of the bottle not the product itself. i don't really know the product but as the headline tells us. this mayo comes in a squeeze bottle now as opposed to before

ripster's picture
152 pencils

twelve_noon has said it. The matter here is not about taste and flavour. Heinz Mayonnaise is now available in a squeeze bottle, so a long distinguished squeezed line of mayo is the best you could show.

the only aspect that bothers me is the color of the mayonnaise. Looks a lil too spaghettish. Would this pretty bright mayonnaise evolve a yellowish color the deeper you look into? Mayo is more shiny, has more spectacular highlights than spaghetti, so it should look different in terms of color and luminance. Apart from that the art direction is almost fine.

itch's picture
806 pencils

looking at the simply spaghetti makes me hungry !!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

Brainsugar's picture
1605 pencils

Becarefull you may vomit!! it's mayo! not spaghettis!

Rog's picture
6092 pencils

Confused take away.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

hrd2mpress's picture
62 pencils

so they make mayo from flour now do they?

Conceptual-eyes's picture
1475 pencils

This is impossible, the strands would be able to go underneath each other. This is a terrible ad, terrible.

the_watering_hole's picture
4 pencils

For someone with conceptual-eyes, you don't really have good vision mate. It's simple because Heinz means thick... and now in squeeze bottle means that it's easy to flow and you don't have to keep knocking the bottom. So for your understanding and most of the suits up here who haven't got it, it's thickness you can now squeeze out so easily. Use some imagination people and don't bag a good ad just because you couldn't come up with it first.

drunk dave's picture
drunk dave
1066 pencils

Nice one. Mayonnaise and chips in horse fat.... hmmmm. Nice thought to sell a thick mayonnaise sauce.

Guest's picture

The message is cleare and simple, the spagetti as it is on the plane is unappeling, it is missing something, and of course the answer is the flavor or in this case the mayonaise. very clever way of call the attention of the consumer.

Guest's picture

so WTF is it ? mayo or spaghetti ???

Anabel's picture
46 pencils

i don't like it at all.

Andrey Vaslit's picture
Andrey Vaslit
210 pencils

Eat that will raise you cholesterol to clouds, it'll kill you.
But like the way to show it was a squeeze bottle =].

Guest's picture

It just reminds me how artificial the Heinz product is. Real mayo should not do that. Quality mayo doesn't. Negative appetite appeal for me.

K.I.D_PUNK's picture
151 pencils

Sooooooooooooo GoooooooooooooooooooooooooD.

Guest's picture


ralphstieber's picture
136 pencils

simple, scary... cool. it works.

iambusy's picture
2219 pencils

works for me


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