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How does this relate to food?

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shouldn't this be 'extraordinarily good'??? n how is jewellery 'ordinary'??? r they tryin 2 say tht i'll eat my jewellery if it's soaked in ketchup??? i don't get it!! anywez, these ads r really bad & they don't make me feel like dunking a samosa in Heinz...


Not all who wander are lost.

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Oh wait!! is that pasta made 2 look like jewellery??? even the blown up version is a li'l unclear...


Not all who wander are lost.

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dosent looks like food to me
need to learn some photoshop and photography skills dude

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nice gaijin
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what kind of white trash puts ketchup on their pasta? extraordinarily mediocre.

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you know who you never see wearing pasta jewlery? mexicans. yeah mexicans. makes you think huh?

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Good try... Trying to be different & quirky is the first step in creating great ideas.

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Mandla N
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lol guys please...... jewellery and food? where is the link?

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Only the Logo looks Great..Art director should go back to school!

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i dont like this, sorry.

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fucked up strategy


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It's a good try concept-wise, but it takes Heinz nowhere.

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hrrrr..... 2 much of cocain, little bit of imagination!

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sooooooo bad.

*checks family jewellery if it's not made of pasta*

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while i agree with "Trying to be different & quirky is the first step in creating great ideas", I'm not sure if Heinz was the right company for this experiment. Concept is not difficult to get, but again i agree that it takes Heinz nowhere.

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I think that's dry pasta arranged like jewelry with heinz inside?

But still don't get it

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:) please let me tell you some tru facts: this is not a photoshop, this is a real photo of jewellery (hand)made of pasta.... and heinz ketchup is there as precious stone...

I can't see any brain here guys*

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exactly! thank you! though maybe it's just b/c they weren't aware of the childhood trend of girls making "jewelry" out of dried pasta before. if they knew that it'd be a lot clearer. just my 2 cents.

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ah .. after i zoomed in..
now it makes sense


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