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Heinz can do that! Great.

andrea cotrim

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Just saw this on another site yesterday. Pretty cool stuff. I'm just glad it wasn't another sauce drip that looks like a tongue.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Personally I don't find this cool at all. At least, with those "tongue" ads, I got the message in a split second and actually made me want to try it. The logic seems pretty forced here. It doesn't look inviting visually, and it certainly doesn't seem entertaining conceptually.

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ha ... I like this sentence:

"It doesn't look inviting visually, and it certainly doesn't seem entertaining conceptually."

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I agree that visually is not appealing.


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Finally something fresh for such a played out product.

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spicy ≠ warmth

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I agree, confused me

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I agree it is a fresh approach for the product, but not a appetising one.

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Agreed. It is not appetizing at all, but it is a clever idea.

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yun siang orangutan
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That One Guy
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The first thing that came to mind was that-- somewhere i was told that ketchup makes anything taste good. But i didn't see the HOT placed on the label. So what is it?

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A.G. Pennypacker
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I've been looking at these all day trying to decide if I dig 'em or not and if I'm being honest with myself –– I'm not a fan. I wanna like them but the thinking here is a bit off and they are such ugly, unappetizing visuals. Of course I get the joke but the frozen food is turning me off way more than the product is turning me on. I mean for goodness sake, does this really make you even wanna check out the product?

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it makes me say...ah

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i got the ad from the comments!!!
you know we people should be paid for explaining the ads to people!!!

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totally agree.. we could be rich

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you needed an explanation? are instructions printed on your rolls of toilet paper?

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it's just a play with the word 'hot'.

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FSC = Five second concept....zzzzz

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I like it a lot
this one works better than the others...
I understood it rightaway

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It's pretty good 7/10.

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Nice. . .

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spicy ketchup -> therefore it makes food really hot -> therefore you must freeze food so the ketchup doesn't burn it/ so the ketchup doesn't burn your tongue

Sheez, what a complicated idea

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Just Hot Ketchup that is so hot it defreezes frozen food...
You're making it too complicated :-)

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Umberto Vonspiel
Activity Score 81

Really original and nice! 7/10!

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awesome- but you just know someone's actually gonna go and give themselves food poisoning after this one - then onto the small claims court!

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andré ™
Activity Score 144

cool and fresh concept, but also very poor art direction.

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good approach for hot ketchup

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Nice art direction, nice photos, nice campaign, really works for me.

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Spicy does not = heat.


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it's called imagination and metaphors. you fail for being stupid.

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doesnt quite work for me though.

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You must know the simpletons who came up with this turd, which, ironically, is a proper metaphor.

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At least it's a change from seeing things "scorched" by hot food products.

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the label doesnt say "Spicey" Ketchup it says Hot Ketchup. works for me

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Yeah, I hear you. Because if it were a "spicy" kind, it would definitely be labled as such. I just wonder what this ketchup tastes like really... Does it taste JUST LIKE any other ketchup? Then what's the point of advertising, right? Could it be a little lemony? Or perhaps it's hickory smoked. Hey, you know what I think? I think this ketchup tastes like bubble gum, only it's very, VERY warm... What do you think???

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okay so maybe it's a cultural difference and those who don't get it live in remote mountain villages on an asteroid passing Earth. However, i've always seen hot spicy food be associated with images of fire. Just about every spicy food product I've encountered has pictures of flames in the background.

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Some of you guys are way too literal.
If Spike Jonze e Charlie Kaufman act like this, Being John Malkovich had be the worst movie ever.
Picasso don't painted Guernica with literal thinking.
Even the Think Different slogan for Apple will be Think Differently.
I like this. It's very clear and clever to me.

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Surprising fresh concept for this advertising-killed category… that is good.

But I think a tasty-looking salad mixed with ice cubes would have improved the impact and illuminated the shudder caused by unappetizing raw frozen food.

In general I like one-shot concepts. They always quench my thirst for strong impact.

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yawn. so now i can fix up frozen food with a spicy ketchup?

PS. spicy hot is NOT temperature hot.

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looool.. I don’t understand how those whose the problem is “Hot means spicy not warm” work in advertising!

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Apart from the spicy hot/temperature hot issue, I believe the logic is broken by their own terms.

The ads should be about (spicy) hot food frozen that would imply compared to the ketchup they feel cold (not spicy).

An image of frozen chili would work for me.

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too forced.....

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It actually won at Cannes... I'm probably an older fart than I thought, since I too subscribe to the spicy ≠ warmth school in advertising.

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ye, it won the award, which would be suprising for people who made comment critical way. we should have regarded it just simply.

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Heinz can do that! Great.

andrea cotrim