Deck Camouflage

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May 2010

Print advertisment created by Y&R, Puerto Rico for Heineken, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Puerto Rico
Creative Director: Sylvia Soler
ACD / Copywriter: Gerardo Vazquez
Senior Art Director: Arturo Perez

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Xavier75's picture
Activity Score 32

It's ADVERTISING, it's not a JOKE......

Hiperion's picture
Activity Score 3138

I don´t get it
Can anybody explain...?

ivan's picture

You want to hide your Heineken, hence the camouflage cooler box.

jorj's picture
Activity Score 638

why would i want to hide my Heineken and no one is there?

Guest's picture

Your drink. Your style. Make it your own.
I think this is the message.

hufflepoff's picture
Activity Score 430

Not the best heineken ad ever

Layne's picture
Activity Score 25

Heineken gets you so drunk you can't find your cooler box??

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

Self indulgent. I highly doubt most guys would care about these ads.

L. Wiesen's picture
L. Wiesen
Activity Score 1340

.. sorry...

artejunior's picture
Activity Score 16

I will do my good deed today.
Will the new Heineken Light?

niko_17's picture
Activity Score 138

that's not final art!

That guy from the office's picture
That guy from t...
Activity Score 266

how do you know?

Guest's picture

I was the one working the digital retouch of those arts. They´re not finished. The Agency told me they were goin to finish them tehmselves cause they didn´t wanna pay more.
u can c them at

izzlah's picture
Activity Score 229

hm, confusing

valayamadvertising's picture
Activity Score 244

seriously could not understand any thing

Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3736

Not easy to be NEW with beer ad's .Agree with hufflepoff "Not the best heineken ad ever"

Simple ideas are the best !

Wadih A3's picture
Wadih A3
Activity Score 256

Come on beers are for share...

monsieurange's picture
Activity Score 520

Weird, wts the brief?

Guest's picture

Fits the "is all about the beer campaign', but really hard to understand. Chances are this is the festival edition. I don't see a client approving it as is. Actually, wonder if the ended up with some kind of headline.
This could have been a very nice campaign around the cooler that safeguards your precious beer using other tactics such as radio and online to complement print. Just food for thought. I wonder if you could build a mirror cooler that somehow becomes that...too much, I know.

Guest's picture

en mi opinión, es tomado como parte del momento en si llevar una heladera con cervezas a esos lugares y no es necesario ponerlo de manera explicita ahí, el camuflaje se usa para cerrar la idea entiendo...

theanc's picture
Activity Score 2783

Very cool. But a crowded scene would be way better.

Guest's picture

No one from heineken was there for approve or dissaprove this ad. I did the retouch of them. Check´em out at

michelangelo's picture
Activity Score 660

the creative team must have had one too many

Guest's picture

Sociablity. Your beer fits into your lifestyle. I think it's great.