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it won't work

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i think these are really fresh and funny. and the idea is original for a change...

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La carta de despedida es innecearia.

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Cool idea! Like it!

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Totalmente de acuerdo, la carta era innecesaria.
La idea es muy buena.

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Nice art direction, but the idea is done already like 4 or 5 times if you spent 5 minutes on the Cannes Archive Search engine... too bad!

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tha ideas come always from the est nowaday...we're too worryed about the public to be free, but people thinks less ideologically that we believe..

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bobby du

idea is ok but wrong way to show it. could be better if you don't need the little note...

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not much of craft in it.

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too "easy"

my opinion..


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Big Friendly Mo...
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It's a Nice Idea! Yeah...done b4 already! So too bad. Need a little more crafting in it though...Do u guys have no work to do and just publish all your scams always? Please don't get me wrong the way dudes....i ain't critisizing you guys in DDB singapore....