Heal the Bay: Watch

Watch your waste
Want a healthy planet? Stop feeding it junk. Recycle.

Advertising Agency: RLR Advertising, Pasadena, California, USA
Creative Director: Hans Castro Gallo
Art Director: Hans Castro Gallo
Copywriter: Toby Muller
Illustrator: Salamagica
Additional credits: Nikki Robischon, Albaro Ibarra, Jane Peñaflor
Published: January 2010


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This was the first I saw and hoped the other two would be as strong. Obviously the campaign leader, meticulously thought out, nice careful art direction and first-class copy. Easy 10 from me.

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a LOT better!

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Like it...

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The art is wonderfully designed, but I have a question for everyone: Is this picture so visually interesting and stylistically "beautiful" that it distracts from the revulsion we should feel from so much waste?

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I think that it's so well visually-layered that it invites study yes, but not as a piece of art, which is what I take from your observation to be the question. You can go for a walk with your eyes through the landscape of the image, and in doing so, take a trip through a proper trash heap, a smelly city junksplash. And I think *that* journey is the stretched moment where the viewer gets the full 'eurgh' feeling. To me, this doesn't beautify trash, it just collects the ugly in an interesting frame where we can take time to be disgusted in detail.

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its my favourite of this campaign. good job.

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Finally some interesting prints from US


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Curious Pencil: Well put, thanks.

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