HBO OZ series: Hands

Where villains became victims.
Wednesdays 21h00 on the Series Channel. Oz

So what's the story behind this image? The rapist white male gets what he deserves from a gay black inmate?

Agency: Ogilvy, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Gerry Human
Creative Director: James Daniels
Art Director: Tetteh Botchway
Copywriter: Mahle Kwababa


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MADE in the USA
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a very strong way to deliver message. powerful !

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MADE in the USA
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I'm not sure how Black culture feels about "once again" being portrayed as the aggressor, the perpetrator of crime. However.

Very nice work, Stark and a little creepy.

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Luna Lovegood
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Actually, I got it as a simbology stuff, you know? Like in the western stories, where the good guy had a white hat and the bad guy a black one, well, just adapt it for the hands. I don't think they meant it the way you said they did.

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a very good eg. for good art direction.

nice work

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Strong, eye catchy and great art direction... But he should do another one changing the skin colors... :)

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so you don't think that a black man, in prison, raping another man, is a little cliche?

it's not so much about blame as it is about racial conflict expressing itself through connections that are just too easy (lazy) to make. looking for a car theif, use a black man. looking for someone to rape someone in prison, use a black man. looking for a cop to rape someone in real life, use a black man.

it's enough already. aside from the inhumanity of building roles around people based on race, it's a tired old idiom that's been done too many times. of course, it feels "real" for those of us who've been so mediated we have no idea what real black people are like, but that doesn't make it good, creatively.

the quality of the image, on the other hand, is another story. a screen can only say so much, but it's some pretty dope textures and color from where i'm looking.


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