Think twice

April 2008

Think twice about that boob job. Imagine looking down and not being able to see your Havaianas.

Advertising Agency: Almap BBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Art Director: Bruno Prosperi
Copywriter: Renato Simões
Illustrator: Marcos Sachs
Photographer: Hugo Treo, Fernando Nalon

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Activity Score 44

nice colours and art direction - needs different copy though.. trying to be clever and it's not working

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Activity Score 814

me gusta la redaccion de las cinco piezas.

[ ]

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Activity Score 545

doesn't make me wanna buy a pair of haviannas.

but as a guy not in the market for a boob job, guess im not their target.

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Guest commenter

WTF does the boob job has to fuckin do with this ad ?
Wrong catchphrase here ! previous campain was wayyyyy better

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A.G. Pennypacker
Activity Score 607

I love headlines like this. But where's the shoe?

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Activity Score 351

I wanna buy these. Just for the damn amazing art job! Boobs or no boobs...the headlines rock too.

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Activity Score 10

wow... you guys are haters lol

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Activity Score 424

I like it.

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Guest commenter

this is a site to see work.. not for just -ve comments...
lot of frustrated ppl here... im not saying its the best piece ive seen ever.. but its not bad...

so what if its frigging jasper jones or johns... does it reely matter?.. the ad works anyways...
advertising never claimed to be art.. its always been a borrowed art

too much angst in this forum...guys loosen up..give credit whr its due...

Hate the haters!!!

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Guest commenter

I'm not hating, I just don't see what's so great about this campaign. I keep seeing all these adamant people championing these ads and I keep going back over them to see if I missed something, but I don't know... just kind of feels "meh." Especially compared to previous efforts for this brand. But I suppose that's the drawback to working on award-winning campaigns. Everything that follows will always be compared to the earlier work.

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Activity Score 307

totally agree. it's not a great campaign and you won't see this work win in any shows. guaranteed.

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Activity Score 541

This is funny. Everyone knows what havaianas are. I love that the ads are so self assured. They aren't ramming a sales message down my throat. It's a brand ad for a brand leader. It reinforces the positioning. Come on. Have a laugh.

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boob job is a cultural thing. i have a friend from south america and he was telling me that by 16 most girls get one. so maybe that's why they mentioned it.

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Your friend is wrong.

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Activity Score 44

nice colours and art direction - needs different copy though.. trying to be clever and it's not working