Havaianas flip-flops: Plants

Advertising Agency: Almap BBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil


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Brasilians are so good making cool looking ads.

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OK, according to the product, i'd have to say that this is a good visual-oriented campaign. Nice art direction... And this one is my favourite of the three. Very nice comparison between flowers and Havaianas...

Once again, i know you probably heard this lots of times, but Ivan, you're the man!!! I've never seen a site beeing updated as quickly as this one. It's unbelievable. What do you do beside this, and the time you spend with your girl? :D

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this one is more structured and edible.

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i love this colourful ad, make me so happy :).

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Still awesome...but I guess this time, BBDO NY beats you! You guys are good but the NY team has the best campaign! Hard to beat!

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where is this oh-so-amazing NY campaign you keep talking about? is there anywhere we can see it? just curious, since you mention it.

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oh sorry.... i didn't notice the NY campaign was here too... i was looking at the ads last-to-first.

the NY campaign is pretty awesome! very cool use of outdoors. i love it!

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pretty picture. not much of an idea. the other work is much stronger.

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i like 'em very much. beautiful ads. might seem a bit cluttered, but they look really good, and have a feelgood vibe to them.

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very beautiful ad campaign. it makes the product so engaging and attractive. brilliant!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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