Hasbro: King Kong

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé
Copywriter: Jean-Francois Bouchet
Art Director: Emmanuel Courteau
Account Supervisors: Marie-Laure Dangeon, Camille Passot
Advertiser’s Supervisors: Christine Pagani, Sylvaine Gomez

January 2014


mcmulkinn's picture
82 pencils

this are really bad

Badj's picture
50 pencils

How is that really bad?...

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449 pencils


NY Belfry's picture
NY Belfry
1045 pencils

I think they're good ads but maybe because I got the connection of history and the pie piece used in Trivia Pursuit right away.

Gute Werbung's picture
Gute Werbung
55 pencils

Really good work by DDB Paris.

Gute Werbung - World best Advertising

OopsyOp's picture
33 pencils

Simple & good. Nice work

MichelMichal's picture
402 pencils

Nice AD but what is it exactly saying about the game ? That there is questions in it ?

Well...thank you guys, all those who didn't know Trival Pursit would love it...oh wait...crap!...they won't understand it because they don"t know the game and the pie thing...

no use, no purpose, just a piece of "art" trying to make its way to Cannes....

bcm924's picture
88 pencils

They may have a concept, but this subject matter and its execution is horrible. King Kong is a Trivial Pursuit game piece? It's incoherent.

PazarlamaKurusu's picture
10 pencils

I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING! What the fuck is that?

underscores's picture
333 pencils

Come on guys !! Don't be in bad faith ! Simple & clever campaign that's all !
The pie piece replace the answer in these prints because as a player you have to search the answer before to win this pie piece. Winner at Cannes for sure !

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