In the harem

September 2007

Print advertisment created by Graffiti, Turkey for Has hali, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Graffiti, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Elif Özgüzelbaş
Photography: Michelangelo di Battista
Project Manager: Fatih Özgüzelbas
Styling: Alice Gentilucci
Costume Design: Hakan Öztürk
Make up Artist: Dotti
Hair Stylist: Sebastien Richard
Digital Services: Andrea Concina / Another Digital
Location: Topkapı Palace
Models: Iza Olak / Group Models Barcelona, Michaela Hlavackova

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vaseem's picture
Activity Score 54

common...gimme a glimpse of an idea guys....

ivan's picture

This is like a fasion ad. No idea, just styling.

morris_pinewood's picture
Activity Score 31

Please explain the idea.

ivan's picture

There is no idea here. Just styling.

tsea's picture
Activity Score 123

even with research for about a year, it has still no idea! and it also does not look like paintings.

morris_pinewood's picture
Activity Score 31

I am sorry elifgraffiti.. but the story you tell, just doesn't show in the ad.

reject_subject's picture
Activity Score 209

Ok, let's say I'm the potential customer! What are you telling me? What are you selling me? Why should I buy these carpets? Pls tell me the story...

JAGGY's picture
Activity Score 1382

This campaign is like a beautiful women. They have no brains. But, all men are behind them.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

melocoton's picture
Activity Score 987

bad photoshop

dlkgrsy's picture
Activity Score 36

First of all, you can't go modern on an Ottoman Empire carpet ad. I believe this campaign ad perfectly reflects the beautiful aspects of the Ottoman Empire culture. The carpet is placed in its cultural environment WHICH answers to two questions ... what are you selling? and why is it special? We got used to searching for a twist and started making ads that don't even fit the purpose of the object we are selling. The idea, the key attention grabber, the only thing that will make an Ottoman Empire carpet special is its culture. It's incredibly old and rich and overwhelming culture. If you are selling an Ottoman Empire carpet, you are also selling its culture, you are selling the palace, that beautiful woman in that beautiful dress and that pure white dove because that will be the environment you will feel like you are in when you stand on that carpet... and this is where your imagination enters.

SillyBug's picture
Activity Score 6

Admittedly, this is very cultural. Only understanding the company name (=Has Carpet = the product) and the historical space (=Ottoman palace, and its most intimate corners, no less) and all its cultural connotations make this add understandable. Otherwise, I have to agree with the above comments.

Kudos on the visuals, though.

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