Salefighter Campaign Womenswear, 2

June 2009

Print advertisment created by DDB, United Kingdom for Harvey Nichols, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: DDB London
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Directors: Hunter Somerville
Copywriters: Hunter Somerville
Illustrator: Mathieu Raynault
Photographer: Rick Guest
Designer: Steven Wilson

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cat fight substituting with 2 women?

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Dhalsim as a chick? I'm calling nintendo for plagiarism!!!

Quite really.

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isn't it time to put forward a new idea harvey nichols?

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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its funny i think. it shows women fight in that stores to get the one which they like also as psychological :D

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I'm personally on the fence with this, but it's DDB and Harvey Nichols. It'll be in Archive and probably get into Cannes next year...

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A few steps backwards from what they were doing. (When I said a few, I was trying to be polite.)

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The graphic is really what is eye catching and it's a shame, because I think that these days some people say "lets have a 3D render!" and they hope that the visual will sell the product. When I look at this three ad series the Harvey Nichols catfight ads come to mind.

I could be wrong and I shouldn't generalize, but I get the impression that they did research or were presented with ads and campaigns Harvey Nichols did in the past and one person said "Hey, Street Fighter IV just recently released. Wouldn't it be awesome if we painted fighting over quality products at a great price in a humorous sort of way by illustrating real people as characters from a fighting game?"

As bknowlden said, Archive would probably run this since they even publish ghost ads, but sometimes post two ads from an actual series that ran. I wouldn't doubt if this won a Cannes either with most of what passes for quality in recent years.

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Unmotivated Genius
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I don't think this targets women.

it REALLY reminds me of this

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Jakarta Jack

this is heading for disaster

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cat fight substituting with 2 women?

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Not live idea

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Are you guys serious?
This is awesome! It's total eye candy - backed up with a great insight.
I think it's a step forward for HN.

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I like it, though it would make more sense if the purse was between the two or the last one on the shelves. As it is now, it looks like the elastic babe has won it. They didn't do a great job of recreating a game interface either with those cheap bevels.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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If it is target on female, there is typical misconception about female psychology - very masculine idea indeed.