Harvey Nichols: Man

Advertising Agency: Y&R Dubai, UAE
Director: Dimitri Daniloff
Executive Creative Director: kalpesh patankar
Agency Executive Producer: Amin Soltani
Agency Producer: Jolianne Ray
Photographer: Dimitri Daniloff
Designers for the paper silhouette: Le Creative Sweatshop
Published: April 2012


salil.sharma's picture
2278 pencils

i don't get it
what's concept behind it.

anooprp's picture
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Simple & clear. Lives up to the HN reputation.

Anoop RP - Copywriter

MicheleVirgilio's picture
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This solution could be better in digital declinations

jh6969's picture
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@ Salil.sharma: The concept is that the clothes are so good, everyone else fades into the background...like blank sheets of paper. Get it? It took me a bit to get it, as well.

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