Harvey Nichols: Lingerie With Lycra Mesh, 3

Lingerie With Lycra Mesh.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany
Teacher: Niklas Frings-Rupp
Art Directors: João Unzer; Rodrigo de Castro
Copywriters: Rodrigo de Castro; João Unzer
Photographer: João Unzer
Published: January 2011


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my god, WHAT..IS..THAT ?..

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Reality Check
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Let's hope the Miami Ad School issues an "oops" and submits the real campaign soon.

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Ron Burgundy
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Again, how much does miami pay aotw to have every crappy student ad hit front page? Also, is this fee worked into their tuition?

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Ad Analyst
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Ad Analyst, (Advertising Journals) INDIA

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From the school's site:

"Since Miami Ad School Europe opened its doors in 2002, the quality and consistency of the creative work produced by its students has been remarkable. Now, one of the unsung heroes of this great record of achievement has received some well-deserved recognition of his own. Niklas Frings-Rupp, Miami Ad School Europe’s Co-Director, has been identified--by none other than the prestigious D&AD competition--as 2010’s world’s best tutor".


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can't believe it.

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Freaky...not really my cup of tea. I guess it's achieved something though, it's got you guys talking.

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Positively ghastly.



Brand Design | Logo Design | Brochure Design | Website Design | Branding Packages

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Positively ghastly.



Brand Design | Logo Design | Brochure Design | Website Design | Branding Packages

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"Advertising is salesmanship in print." - I'd say you've got the wrong saleswoman, but it is a great anti-ad for the Miami Ad School Europe

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Nude Copy
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I think Ivan mentioned somewhere about the quality check he does before posting the ads. Filter it a bit more carefully

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silly and immature..

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Wow, this is new level weird.
Good art direction tough.

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I'm affraid...
A died young girl would be more attractive...
I'm joking of course, it's just awful.

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Certainly is a eye catching visual. But you need more than eye-catching to sell products. Lingerie is supposed to make women feel sexy. This misses that completely. You could redo this visual with a more classic style lingerie photo and I think you would have a better ad.

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Schools suck!

because therefore it is

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Disgusting. And why must serve again a naked woman?

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It's not just bad, it's bad for the brand.

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will receive a Cannes award ¬¬

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spaceopera 3000
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Genius work. Love the drama. Bold, flawless Art Direction.

life without music would have been so unfair.

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Peter Plan
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Those Miami Ad School Students are so far from reality and even creativity.

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double-u tee eff mate?

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