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I get the thought. It works, particularly with its market - the british middle class... but i am also wondering about her horns too. why are the other guys not beaten up as well? but it seems to work, though whimsical.

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At full view it looks like they're all beat up, not just her. I read it as they are fighting for space (top tailors, one room to tailor in). It doesn't seem to have anything to do with breeding. Based on the names at the bottom of the ad, these are some of the top London designers and they are now available at Harrod's. So the top designers are available to the "commoners" ... I don't think there's any more than that.

As far as the devil horns, they are on Vivienne Westwood and as far as I can tell in a Google search of her, the horns are her "thing" right now and are neither here nor there for the ad content other than she is an eccentric designer.

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