Harley-Davidson Kids Clothes: No more bullying, 1

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Bogota, Colombia
Chief Creative Officers: Jairo Lezaca, Rodrigo Tarquino, Francisco Castillo
Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Creative Director: Julio Herazo, Ivan Meza
Art Directors: Ivan Meza, Mauricio Obregón, Christian Hurtado
Copywriters: Julio Herazo, Omar Montaño
Photographer: Martin Sigal


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1. even for advertising that's too far from truth: he would be bullied even more. it's the opposite of an insight.
2. it's not very creative to say "these clothes make you incredibly cool". and it's even less creative to express that nearly literally in the headline.
3.a main statement: "if you wear this stuff, you are not only unfamous - you are also in desperate need to become cooler."
3.b WHO would ever want to identify with the models?
4. the target group of this ad is everything harley-davidson does NOT want to be.
(5. something about morals: the ad creates the image that you can buy yourself coolness with brands. that's not uncommon. but seldomly this statement is promoted that directly - and even to children. these kids are probably suffering. it's not funny to use that for selling.)

a complete fail.

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You rightfully ripped this campaign apart. And I totally agree with you.

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Why so serious?

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They're funny. Funny ads are good. I wouldn't be surprised to see these in Luerzer's.

Thumbs up from me.

There's only one nerd here that I see...ahem....

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then you either did not look at the ad or did not get it or did not think enough to make your comment logic. in any case you shouldn't write. ahem.

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Serious issue, not much of a credible insight for the Harley Davidson brand, although if one considers reverse psychology, they actually might end up selling a couple of bikes.

Andrés Téllez V.

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