Harley-Davidson: Doll

Nothing can replace the real one. Use original Harley-Davidson parts.

Advertising Agency: Big, İstanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Kağan Küçük, Kemal Hayıt
Art Directors: Celal Sadıker, Gözde Menemenlioğlu, Tuğba Ürer
Copywriters: Cem Yolal, Uğur Sönmez, Erdem Güler
Retouch: Buğra Atıcı
Photographer: Nihal Gündüz
Agency Producer: Tuğba Ağırbaş Özkan
Published: April 2012


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Ramat Ajala
718 pencils

This is very funny and clever.

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Creative idea, but I think a similar concept has been used before, albeit maybe not on motorbikes :)

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lovely :))

| Everartz |

Wordfruit's picture
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Like :)

Is it intentional that her legs are not very dolly?

I'd make it a little more obvious. Maybe with photography more than Photoshop.

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2414 pencils

Awesome Concept
as per copy Art Direction is rocking

bate_palmas's picture
1479 pencils

Ads with this idea/device normally don't work. The link is normally terribly tenuous

(Eg, if you think that flying octopus is crazy, check out our crazy prices)

This is the exception.

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cool :)

meat.popsicle's picture
15 pencils

Subtle humour can definitely get the message across. Well done.

Chopper's picture
1015 pencils

HD symbol on the tank is a fake.

ceronauta's picture
121 pencils

Que chimba ! jaja

Las ideas

Phics's picture
93 pencils

C'mon. it's OK but not great.

mayaelhelou's picture
2 pencils

This is very demeaning, insulting and extremely sexist. Harley Davidson company and the advertising agency are objectifying and exploiting women in this ad, portraying women and comparing them to a motorcycle body parts, and picturing them as sex toys only. Advertising agencies should realize their responsibility towards society and their target audience. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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