Harley-Davidson: An ad where you scratch and lose

The waitress looks at you and unfastens
two of the buttons of her shirt.
With every scratch, you can spoil a good story.
New Harley-Davidson® Anti-Scratch Helmets.

To make evident the main attribute of our product we decided to use the most popular scratch of the print world. THE SCRATCH AND WIN. With an appealing headline, we invite the reader to scratch off the areas that conceal two different stories. With every scratch, the stories move farther away from what the headline hinted them to be about and quickly spin into a series of unfortunate events. The way the stories develop make evident that with every scratch you can spoil a good story. We created something unlike anything ever seen on a magazine in Colombia.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Colombia
Chief Creative Officers: Rodrigo Tarquino, Jairo Lezaca, Francisco Castillo
Creative Directors: Edwin Pineda, Omar montaño
Art Directors: Rodrigo Tarquino, Julian Franky, Edwin Pineda
Copywriters: Jairo Lezaca, Omar Montaño
Graphic Designers: Rodrigo Tarquino, Julian Franky
Photographer: Dario Mora
Published: July 2011