Hansaplast: Morgue

You have never slept so deep.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Paris, France
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Copywriter: Alban Galle
Art Director: Cyril Drouot
Photographer: Dimitri Daniloff
Account Supervisor: Laurence Dupas-Gelin

July 2008


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Good one!

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ha ha funny. like it.

m gusta, muy buena.

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funny ;] but she could look more surprised ;]

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buena fotografia! me gusta

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totally agree with fen 1x. sorry , the model just don't have the "depth" to communicate the piece

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Crisp One
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looks like she has sex hair. What were those morticians up to???????

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This is bad. I was thinking of some pill that makes you sleep like a rock. But it's ear plugs. From my point of view people that needs ear plugs don't have a deep sleep and because of that nobody can think they're dead. If it was some pill that ad would work greatly.
And I also agree that the model doesn't have the right expression.

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Yeah right... making people think that your pills are going to kill them, that should make them sell! That's one point for you in the category "Bad ideas".

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If you assume that no ad at all would work with this visual.

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theanc, Very CORRECT! just exactly my thoughts!
this is not only bad, but wrong on many fronts!

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loooooooooooove it.
it is a shame that so many pple in this so called "creative" forum stops always starts babbling and sweating irrrelevant details...dammit!! the idea is great IT IS A JOOOOOKE for fuck sake! so what if earplugs wont make you sleep as deep, so what if actually nobody could think youre dead, because that's what stethoscopes are for, so what if her hair looks like sex hair, or if the face does not look "surprised" enuff.........SOOOOO WHAAAAATT!!!. too damn account executives open their-brain-disconnected-mouths in here. Cheerz. Great Job you guys at TBWA. loved it.

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Relax dude! For starters you "loooooooooooove it" so dont "sweat" ! what happened to everyone having their point of view or better still sharing one!?
You are swimming across a river when you have the benefit of a bridge.

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yeah.. youre rite Willey. I am absolutely pro "speaking your mind" and definitely this is what is great about this website (or the Internet)...Its just that sometimes gets on my nerves how so many pple having the chance to comment and make constructive critique goes on and on and on over things that are actually utterly irrelevant. But yes point conceded. Youre rite.


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Cool then, its just that the tone in your earlier post was sounded ABSOLUTE.(something like iam either right or the rest of you are wrong). But then again the people whose comments get on your nerves, are most likely commenting for the sake of it, regardless of whether its constructive,useless,annoying....or whatever other reason they feel!

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Frits Harkema
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With Hansaplast earplugs you might be burried alive, which is actually a good thing. That message works! Who wouldn't want that?

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Earplugs make you sleep deeper and better, like sleeping pills.

So I don't see why all the controversy.

I have yet to see something bad from Erik, and guess I may have to wait a bit more.

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i agree with theanc!

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I expect more from TBWA Paris, its not the same level than before.

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She has a MASSIVE big toe.

nice ad but where are the earplugs? is she still wearing them? if so, why did she wake up?

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ps. on second thoughts, is that a mans foot ?

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She didn't wake up during the foot and sex change operation. Transporting then undressing a person is just as effective in waking them up as noise is. So it's a bit unrealistic. Are we over thinking this?


I think, therefore... yeah.

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