Beatboxer's picture
1517 pencils

Nice... Very nice... Truly nice...
Nice indeed.

A. J. SMITH's picture
2834 pencils




It's only an ad.

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

nice and simple..this is all an ad needs to do!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

Chico Ribeiro's picture
Chico Ribeiro
160 pencils

OK. Simple and nice. Good art direction.

Joe76's picture
772 pencils

Funny. Nice art, good work.

Brainsugar's picture
1613 pencils

Hey guys! Why do you love so much this ad? Is this because of the cock? "SO FRENCH!"?
It's seems to be the first idea, don't you think so?
This ad had been sent to Cannes. and the winner is... ah, no... not this year Erik.

Adaddicted's picture
3435 pencils

My missing rooster... wake'em up


TopJeff's picture
479 pencils

I like the simplicity and clear concept. No confusion, no obscurity, just plain ol' communication.


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Blahg's picture
616 pencils

I like it. Easiest copywriter job ever. :)

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

simply wonderful...
I'm not sure if it was sent to Cannes this year but amongst the winners was much trash so that this
cock deserved a metal for sure!

Stigset's picture
1454 pencils

Sorry I'm not a big fan of this one. The visual is excellent, nice and clean, but the idea seems a bit simple and doesn't really show the benefit of the product ( I would've shoved those plugs up his beek). I prefer the PS2 rooster.

Brainsugar's picture
1613 pencils

Ah! finally a friend in this room! ;-)

Oz's picture
60 pencils

I don't know if it's good because it's simple or too simple for being really good.

lauke's picture
112 pencils

fine work

Vicky's picture
375 pencils

Just because its an ad from Tbwa Paris every body has to love it? Does that makes it that "wonderful"?

Get real and objective people, this is just a fine idea, nothing more. The retouch could be better in the rooster's leg.

As we all know, this agency has done much better, and still could do better.

Blahg's picture
616 pencils

And obversely just because it is from TBWA Paris doesn't mean that nobody should like it. As you just said it is a "fine idea". There are plenty of things that could be better but there isn't any reason why people can't like an ad, in this case a rather simple well communicated idea, just because you feel like complaining.

There are plenty of ads on this board that could use some retouching that people still admit are well done.

Rog's picture
6092 pencils

Boom-tish. ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

Amazing how impressed some people are by nice art.

The 'idea' here is total shit, therefore so is the ad.

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

please post an example of a really cool idea

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

There are plenty on this site, do you mean one of mine?

Is this your ad or do you just think this is a really cool idea?

Either way, you should get out more.

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

I meant on this site, I'm interested in Your understanding of a cool ad.

No, unfortunately it is not my ad ;).

>Either way, you should get out more.

You mean I take it too personal? My comment was not meant like this.

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

I was being facetious, sorry, I meant that if you thought this ad was great, you may not have seen that many good ads.

Here's 3 things I've seen here recently that I think are 'cool';

1. The Sunlight Dishwash 'Bubbles', it does the 'simplicity' thing really well, with perfect relevance and insight, plus great art direction.
2. The Gainomax long copy ad - even though I think it could have been simplified a little, the concept is brilliant.
3. The protectyourhead campaign - very immediate, leaves a lot to the imagination.

Umlaut's picture
199 pencils

Ear plugs. What a gift of a brief. There has got to be 5 million better solutions than this one. It doesn't suck, but it seems like a first thought to me.

euclid the greek mathematician's picture
euclid the gree...
98 pencils

This is a simple ad ... it really might be the first idea. Earplugs> no noise> what wakes me up> alarm> aaaa a rooster> too simple lets add a megaphone for the effect -- that kind of simple.

Well, at least it delivers clearly! So i'll let it pass!

Besha's picture
297 pencils

I like this! Simple and funny, works!

inkfromthepen's picture
147 pencils

I wonder if everyone likes it because it was created at TBWA\Paris or if it's because it's a great ad. Personally, I think it's a page-turner (and not in a good way)

Maxwedge's picture
558 pencils

Cute idea, but KILLER illustration. Phew.

Corbeen's picture
1095 pencils

goood art direction.. poor concetp ghost ad probably . but any way killer execution ..bravo!!!

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