Hansaplast Anti-Insect Spray: Emergency Exit, 3

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Vienna, Austria
Account Executive: Barbara Lung
Account Manager: Nadja Stritezsky
Creative Directors: Robert Wohlgemuth, Gerd Turetschek
Concept: Robert Wohlgemuth
Copywriters: Nikolaus Link, Helmut Winkler
Art Director: Jan Christ
Graphic Designers: Michael Mickl, Andreas Schwitter, Maik Wollrab
Photographers: Klaus Fritsch, Robert Marksteiner
Typographer: Gabriele Niederführ


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Awesome!!! made me laugh.

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Its been done in india.. last year, also won at few award shows..
For "Tortoise mosquito repellent"
Repellent as a product.. it was much strategic..
anyways.. nice idea!!

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Yeah prefer this execution anyway. damn you to hell cheating cheaters.

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Oh dammit to hell don't these guys check before they do this stuff?

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my problem with these ads is that the insects still get away!!!

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still, very nice

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2 Creative Directors, 2 copywriters, 1 Art Director, 3 Graphic Designers, 2 Photographers, a Typographer (are you kidding me?), and, (my personal favourite), "Concept"? When did that become a credit? And all that for this less than amazing campaign?

Smacks of trying to pile up the awards for everyone in the shop. Seems that they forgot one thing, though: the award-winning work.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I suppose anything's possible when you've got J Christ working on the team. And all's forgiven... : (

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I believe I speak for all the readers of this site as it pertains to the comments spewed from the keyboards of individuals who slam every single execution with nasty, uncalled for, and idiotic comments, who, by the way, don't have the guts, nor the work to post on this site: put up or shut up.

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I'm an insect and, thanks to that little sign, I lived to tell my story.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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