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Pay for a bed you won't use Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city for going out and exploring. Some like to explore it too much and before they know it, it's 8am and have forgotten their own names, date of birth or where their hotel is. A straw poll by Brinker staff recently discovered that 47% of the international band of backpackers who book at the infamous hostel rarely sleep there. Using their rooms only as glorified luggage lockers, the Brinker’s young and hedonistic clientele drop their stuff and head out to indulge in activities illegal pretty much anywhere except Holland. Continuing twelve years of ultra-honest communication, the Brinker decided to use this fact to sell its beds at a low, low rate in a poster and digital campaign hitting the screens and streets of Europe this spring. Made by KesselsKramer, the campaign shows less than flattering images of guests passed out anywhere except the bed they paid for. Indeed, the campaign’s tagline reads “Pay for a bed you won’t use.” Sprawled on sofas and face down on tables, the photographs depict the youth of today at their very worst.

Advertising Agency: KesselsKramer, Amsterdam
Creative Directors: Erik Kessels, Dave Bell
Art Direction: Erik Kessels
Copy: Dave Bell, Christian Bunyan
Production: Pieter Leendertse
Photography: Thomas Mailaender

May, 2010


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So without the explanation, how is one supposed to figure out what this is about? Let's say I'm visiting Holland for the first time, and I am now checking out all these hotel offers.. I come across this ad, and see some girl sleeping on a train or something. It's confusing. If you are someone who's already been to Holland or just happens to know that most tourists there use their hotel rooms just to store their luggage, then yeah the campaign makes sense.

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Totally agree with you

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they're catering to their audience, and they clearly know them well. and if those are your concerns, then you're just not their audience, that's all.

advertising doesn't, nor shouldn't, need to make sense to the lowest common denominator. just their audience. and in this case, it does.

and if more advertisers would do this, it would allow for better work.

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Ad Keeno
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From the stories I've heard from Amsterdam, this campaign makes complete sense to me. I didn't need the explanation. The target audience would identify with it too.

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why not show a beautiful girl...

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The concept of this hotel and the way they have marketed themselves has been brilliant. Well done.
I will be sure to stay there next time I go to the Dam

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Ad Keeno
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why does everyone in advertising have to be 'beautiful'. It's more persuasive and appears more honest if she's 'real'.

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I've never been to Amsterdam so I'm guessing I don't matter to Hans Brinker.

Just out of curiosity, why won't I use the bed?

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heheheheh these are classic

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I've been to amsterdam and I like the place... next time i go i'll try to sleep

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