Hans Brinker Budget Hotel: Eco-towel

Advertising Agency: KK Outlet, UK


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the concept is great but for me only works the one of the elevator. the guy with the blanket and this one don't seels good the idea of a great place..

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Agreed. The others are still funny, but they don't make the place look like somewhere I'd want to stay.

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That is the point. This hotel is famous for being EXTREMELY cheap and a placed youd rather not stay if you had the money for something better. And thats what they try to comunicate in their advertising; youre skint, we stink, perfect match. Check out the "two kilo of kresselkramer", its full of really good ads of the budget hotel in amsterdam.

The elevator is the best, but i kind of like the one of the blanket guy. Nice!

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This is not about a great place. This is about a cheap place. Well Done!

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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Muhammad Imran
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without pointing with green direction it would be work... but anyway well done guys!

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Isn't the point of advertising to make you WANT wants being advertised. This series of ads seems to do quite the opposite. An affordable hotel with nice amenities could turns these ads into their own showing why NOT to stay here. Funny, but bad advertising.

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The purpose of advertising is not clear here

They should have made it like cheap / affordable hotel with good facilities, then certainly it would have been better.


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they have been doing the same for the past 10 years. but i guess that's green

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